A Crazy Idea

Here’s a crazy thought: What if we mainline church-types relaxed?

Crazy, right?

Yet in the summer when our schedules change and the weather heats up, we dress more casually, we enjoy the longer days, and we don’t seem to get quite so rattled about things. I would be fully in favor of allowing this chilled-out mindset permeate the rest of the year, too. Just imagine what it would be like if we didn’t take ourselves so seriously and trusted that God was with us in worship regardless of how tightly wound we are.

I know, I know, “We put on our best for God.” Okay, but… What does it say about our view of God that we have to get dressed up to be in God’s presence in worship? And what does it say to those whose wardrobe doesn’t include snazzy clothes? Do they not belong in God’s presence?

The way we dress is only a small piece of this equation, yet the way we dress certainly seems to influence how we act and interact. Perhaps there’s a workable trickle-down theory of worship attire (even though the trickle-down theory of economics has proven completely foolish).

So let’s just pretend that it’s always July, so we can chill out in worship and use our energy to love and serve rather than get all duded up.

Crazy, I know. But maybe just crazy enough to ease us out of our stuffy tendencies.


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